caribe LogoEdicion Caribe looks to be a Spanish language translation of U.S. copy for distribution in the Caribbean. I believe there were 30 issues, total, printed in this series.  Here is how they are numbered: Ano I – 1 through 7, 11 & 12.  Ano 2 – 1 through 3, and 13 through 22.  Issue 23 has no “Ano” designation.  Issue  24 is marked “ano 2” and issues 25 through 30 have no “ano” designation.   So, who knows?  I think “ano 2” 1 -3 are actually Ano 1 numbers 8, 9 & 10.  Then the numbering would progress from 1 to 30.

I understand that this edition was distributed from Puerto Rico. Inside the magazine it says that it is printed in Miami, Florida. The covers are straight from the US version with Spanish translations. This series of covers is similar to the covers that appeared in Argentina and they were printed in about the same years. The material is strictly translated US material.

What do you know about the Edicion Caribe version of MAD?

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