spain_gl_e0MAD in Spain. Two different editions were printed, one in 1974 as “MAD” and a second in 1975 as “LOCURAS”. I don’t know how many were printed in each series. There can not have been many in the first series because it began in July 1974 and by January of the next year “LOCURAS” was being published. Interesting point : The MAD#1 and LOCURAS #1 are almost page-for-page identical. The cover and articles are exactly the same. Except for two pages, the content of the first issues are the same. Did this continue through the “LOCURAS” run? Was “LOCURAS” just a reprint of the MADs that came the year before? I only have two of the “MADs” and two “LOCURAS” issues so I can’t know for sure yet.

Update: It seems there were 6 issues printed of MAD in Spain in Late 1974 and then they turned around in 1975 and printed the same 6 issues with the same covers, same articles on the same pages but with the “LOCURAS” masthead. I have seen all 6 of each of the two series and they match up (i.e. cover 1 of Locuras is the same as cover 1 of MAD.) I don’t have all twelve issues in my collection because they are very rare. If you have any of the missing issues for sale contact me.

DECEMBER 2006 – A new edition has started publication in Spain. Issues are to be printed every two weeks. It seems that the issues contain some local material.

August 2007 – It seems that the new publisher of MAD in Spain was only able to print 8 issues of this series. What happened?

July 2010 – I picked up several copies of the old 1974 and 1975 series from a contact in Argentina. The “MAD” series issue # 2 has “MAD” on the cover like the 1974 series, but has “Locuras” on the table of contents page and is dated Feb 1975 (the same date that is on my Spanish “Locuras” issue # 2). It also has an Argentina price, with a Spain price right below it, printed on the cover and it says on the table of contents that it is imported espcially for Argentina.. Issue # 3 has the same “MAD” on the cover with the Argentina price and the Espana price but the TOC page is missing. This is a strange series. It seems they printed this series for Argentina also. But what’s up with the “MAD”/”Locuras” labeling?

August 2010 – I picked up two more 1974 “MAD”s from Spain. These two issues are marked on the cover with a Mexican price and on the table of contents page it says “Edition especially for Mexico”. So, it seems that the 1974 edition that had “MAD” on the cover was printed in Spain and distributed at least to Spain, Mexico and Argentina. Three different editions were printed and are indicated by the price on the cover and an explanation in the table of contents page. Each edition would be priced in the target country’s money (i.e. Spain would be marked “30.10 pts”, Argentina would actually say “Argentina $ 9.00” and the Mexican edition would just be priced “$ 7.00”. ) I don’t know whether any additional differences occur in the three editions because I don’t have any two or three different editions of any one issue. Also, I still don’t know what the purpose of the “Locuras” edtion was. I notice that all of my “Locuras” are priced in Spainish denominations but the do say “for the Argentina republic” in their table-of-contents page.

If you have information on Spanish MAD please email me and tell me your story. Thank You.

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