southafrica_gl_e0MAD has been printed, by the same publisher since 1985. It is printed “every 6 and a half weeks” and is still being published today. MAD in South Africa, from what I understand, is pretty much an exact duplicate of the American version. Of the 100+ issues I have in my collection I have seen only three covers that are not duplicates of US issues. The only thing that varies is the pricing is South African and there is a small box of pricing for surrounding countries. Very little is changed from the American version.

Interesting note: The issue # 382, printed in late 2001, carries the cover art that was pulled from the American issue for November 2001 because it was deemed inappropriate in light of the events of Sept. 11th , 2001.

July 2010 – I understand that the publishers of MAD in South Africa ceased production with a final issue # 427 dated March 2009.

What do you know about MAD in South Africa?

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