mexico_gl_e0Four different publishers have been involved with MAD in Mexico. The first edition began in 1978 and ran five years for 51 issues. Many of the covers were original “Mexico Only” covers. The second edition began in 1985 and ran for three years and produced 30 issues. Most of those covers were original artwork. The third edition began in 1993 and ran for five years and produced 50 issues. Again, most of the covers were original. There was a six year break before the fourth (current) edition began in 2004. They have produced many colorful, original covers and they publish “bi-Monthly” which is generating new issues faster than any other MAD publisher. In three years they have produced 50 issues.

(April 2010) It seems that Mina Editores has ceased printing MAD in Mexico. Issue # 111 was the final issue.

Are you familiar with MAD in Mexico? Have you read these issues?

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