iceland_gl_e0MAD in Iceland – only 4 issues were printed In Iceland between May 1987 and March 1988. They were printed in Icelandic and somewhat thicker than other county’s regular issue. Three out of four of my issues are still sealed in plastic. As a collector, I find it difficult to open the plastic and examine the issues.

What happened to MAD in Iceland? Was it popular? Did it not sell well?

If you have any information on the fate of the Icelandic MAD click on the “MAD Story” icon and tell us about it.

FLASH: (September 2004) a contact in Sweden found a copy of Iceland #5 in a second hand comic bin. Obviously, more than four issues were printed, but how many? Do you know?

FLASH AGAIN: (March 2009) a contact in Iceland has produced a copy of issue #6!

(May 2013) – several copies of Iceland #5 have been spotted on the auction sites. I have managed to acquire a copy of both Iceland #5 and Iceland #6 – So, my Iceland collection is complete!

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