TN_hungary_gm_e0MAD in Hungary! There are two “complementary” editions of MAD published in Hungary, the stock “MAD” and the “KRETEN MAD”. I understand they would trade off printing on alternate months. The Hungarian MAD was begun in 1996 and the Kreten MAD in 1993. The Hungarian MAD has ceased publication at issue # 30.

The Hungarian MAD was mostly translated U.S. material the covers all seem to be directly from the U.S. The Kreten has mostly local covers and a lot or local material. Kreten is still being published.

July 2010 – I have been informed, by the publishers, that issue # 100 of Kreten (2009-6) is the final issue.

What do you know about the short-lived Hungarian MADs or the Continuing “Kreten” humor magazine?

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