finland_gl_e0There have been two editions of MAD In Finland . The first edition was labelled “Suomalainen” and ran for 30 issues from early 1970 to late 1972. The next publisher Semic began a run with one issue in 1982 and then 6 issues a year through 1986, then 8 issues a year through 1994, then 12 issues a year until 2004. The series wrapped up with 6 issues in 2005. The final issue was marked 2005-6. The series was labelled “Suomen” All told, MAD was published for 35 years in Finland and produced 245 regular issues.

It’s been fun trying to decifer the Finnish language edition of MAD. The material genearlly seems to be translated from the US edition. I did notice that there was an article in the first issue of the first edition that seemed to have been locally written and drawn. What do you know about the Finnish version of MAD?

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