Up and Running on New Format

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I finished loading all 3500 covers into the new format and then went to move the site to live.   I managed to blow it away.  All gone!  I figured “what the heck”, I was using this as a learning exercise anyway.  I wanted to get to know WordPress and the different options available.  And, I figured I could now easily redesign the website (again)  and it would probably be much easier the second time.  Maybe I’ll even make it better!  So, I weighed into the design the second time.  I changed a few things but mostly I stuck to the first design.  Now, I am finished with the second build of the site.  This time I made sure I had a good backup.  And I set the site up so the public could see it.  I hope you like it.

WordPress is designed to be interactive.   So, now we have a better place for people to make comments.  Please do so.  Tell me about your experience with MAD magazine,  comment on the site, whatever.  Let’s hear from the folks who visit this site.


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