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Williams Edition 1974 - 1995

"Dino" Edition 1998 -


MAD Magazine in Germany! Over 400 issues so far! First published in 1967 by Williams. Through the years this edition has produced lots of original covers. The Williams edition ran for 300 issues and ended in 1995. Three years later the "Dino" edition, now published by Panini, appeared. This is an edition with a real attitude. A new MAD for a new age! It featured a different cover layout and lots of distinctive (sometimes rude), always tasteless covers. The Dino edition is published every month and is still going strong.

August 2010 - The publisher informs me that they now publish 6 times a year.

Have you read these issues? MAD has been around now for forty years in Germany, what is it lie to read the German edition ? How was MAD accepted in Germany? Click on the eMail button and add your story to the GlobalMAD forum.



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